Why New-borns Won’t Sleep Through the Night

Are you troubled that your baby does not sleep at night? Your worry is possibly compounded by the fact that most of the online articles you have read seem to all point out that babies should sleep more at night.

Here are reasons you can trust on why babies do not sleep at night. Moreover, they are nothing to worry about, just solve the issue.


Adults may doze off to sleep when hungry, but the sleep is neither peaceful nor long-lasting. So are babies. Each time their intestinal sensor signals their brain that their energy source is nearly depleted, they wake up and request for food, by crying of course. Since most of their food is used to enhance their fast-paced growth, they become hungry often. Feed them, and they will soon be asleep.


It is unfortunate that this is the most overlooked reason for new-born sleeplessness at night. Babies too feel dehydrated eat especially during hot seasons and like grown-ups, cannot sleep with a dry throat. A good practice is to keep drinking water close to the bed if the bay is six months old. Otherwise, breastfeeding will do.


It is an awful stage in a baby’s life. It worsens at night because the baby is lying and a lot of pressure is on the jaw. It also causes stomach-aches, diaper rash, and other discomforts. A teething powder, suckling or ice can help alleviate the pain.

Practicing a new skill

Not all babies who wake up at night cry. Some just want to play. While this may be irritating to the tired mother, it is good for the baby. The child is trying to practice or process the information it has been learning. Unfortunately, some choose to do this only at night.


There are several reasons why babies seem not to sleep at night, and this least is far from conclusive. As a parent, learn to find the cause of your child’s restlessness and deal with it. Good news is that just like tough times, it will not last.