Things They Don’t Tell You after Giving Birth

There are some things no one cares to mention to expecting mothers about post-delivery. Some of these you need to know, and others, for the sake of the present thrill of pregnancy, you are better in the dark. Anyway, here are four of them;

You will remain fat for a while

Your body retained fats during pregnancy to help cushion your baby. However, this fat does not burn out miraculously as soon as you give birth. You will still look like you are in your second trimester for a few weeks or months. So do not be worried if two months after delivery, you have not lost any weight. In fact, some women never lose the fat they gained during their first pregnancy.

You might cry more often than the baby might

It does not happen to all women, but like cramps during menses, it is a common feature among women. It is mostly caused by a hormonal imbalance that triggers feelings of sadness. It can develop into a full-blown depression if not correctly handled. Unfortunately, you might never know how bad it was until you get out of it. Therefore, if someone says something that implies you are overreacting, then you can bet they are right 99% of the time.

Breastfeeding does not come naturally

Most new mothers think that milk will start flowing out of their breasts on the baby’s first suckle. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is even no guarantee that you will have enough milk in the first place.

So do not worry if you suddenly realize you have sunken nipples and have to go through a painful mechanical process to make them fit for the baby’s use. Sometimes, the baby may have to suckle for hours before the milk starts to flow.

You husband ceases to be the center of your life

No one ever tells you that the love and pride of your life will depreciate into nothingness as soon as the child is born. You might feel strong spasms of hate and stop caring about his needs. Sadly, no one tells husbands this too.

If not handled properly, such neglect can lead to infidelity and even break ups. It is probably why most families break up after the first child. So watch out and take control of your emotions, it will soon be over. So next time you feel like throwing tantrums because he is sleeping at 2 am while you are up nursing, remember that he is probably the loneliest person in the house.