The Truth about Perinatal Depression – My Story

I’m a strong woman and you have to be with three children.  As a Latina I’m also strong about a correctness with health.  This blog is to help others also and I enjoy the ways some of my readers have improved how strict they are when choosing health professionals.  The doctors for my pregnancies changed and I noticed how much simpler it was with better support.  Perinatal depression can be avoided with the right care and its always smart to take good care of yourself. 

My story was really positive through my pregnancy with only an occasional thought muttered to myself, ‘I might take a big nerf bat and bat beat something’.   I’m thankful we got through it all nicely and I’m thankful we like to enjoy baseball talks together occasionally.  My story of flowing through the process of getting to my own compliments for good health are recapped here with a quick summary of a nice solution that has worked for me and many other women I’ve worked with over the years. 

It’s important enough for many shouts to others.  Do not get even one negative report from any health professional.   Stay out of the offices where they hurt your feelings, or report any type of negativity, or create any type of dis-ease with their stupid mouths and illegal HIPAA reporting.  HIPAA compliance is required.  HIPAA training is required.  Never have a negative patient report and never allow your patient charts or records to include anything negative.  Find a better health professional immediately instead.

You own your health records and patient charts.  You always have the right to be healthy, and any type of healing is simply a matter of finding the right positive solution with the right health professionals.  Holistic and alternative methods of healing are gaining in popularity and for good reasons. 

Some of the information I’ve found out of industry reports aren’t in any way reasonable with what is referred to as perinatal depression.   We really just want a good solution immediately for how to feel really good NOW.  I’ve learned some tidbits along the way about dumb research and dumb health professionals.  I am convinced the data and research industries must improve and with any conditions, such as perinatal depression, I have not seen any confirmed facts or the accuracy of data acquisition methods.  The truth about this topic is that women can just hurry and find ways to help other women feel good, healthy, smart, honored, and congratulated for their impressive accomplishments.

Get a massage, find a way to relax, cleanse with many options available, exercise if you can, and get through that perinatal depression with a better plan for word choices.  Someone should have shouted for us, “For goodness sake, she was just pregnant!”   That’s the real care I wanted.  Shout for me, hold me, thank me, congratulate me, be amazed with me, and hurry with my massage.  I was amazed to learn from some of the readers of my blogs that women chiropractors now have techniques and solutions to help pregnant women.  They also have professional massage therapists available for a gentle solution to help women through the pregnancy and through the easier path to feeling really good.  Also, as a professional in the health industry, you better quickly apologize to all the people for your inappropriate professional conduct with inappropriate reporting with any patient charts.  The public is protected with disease control and prevention and your mouth as a health professional better be shut.  Your words on paper are easily researched with so many HIPAA laws and regulations for every patient chart.  Never report with your stupidity that looks ridiculous over your smartness to simply heal everything.  And never hurt our feelings.