Rabobank sponsors Fotelica

Rabobank is one of the biggest Dutch banks. It doesn`t just own banks in the Netherlands, but has offices on a worldwide scale. Originally the primary focus was on food and agribusiness, but that has shifted a long time ago. Well, it still comprises one of the largest parts of the operations of the bank, but it has become much more friendly towards consumers as well. During the 2008 financial crisis, many Dutch people actually considered this bank to be the most reliable bank in the Netherlands. The reason being that this bank has always been stable and is the second largest in the country. That is a great reason for people to trust their banking needs to this big player.

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Why let Rabobank take care of your banking?

A big reason to choose Rabobank is because they can take care of all your financial needs. You can use them for online banking, to borrow money, have a current or savings account, get insurances, start trading, get a mortgage for the house of your dreams or take care of your retirement. When working with the Rabobank you get one contact person that knows you and your situation. You can contact them if something changes and get an adequate response immediately. This saves you the time of having to explain every detail of your life over and over again. Also, it is much safer as your personal information does not become available for anyone in the bank. Only for the ones who have the necessity to know to be able to do their jobs.

Rabobank working with Fotelica

Since there is a lot of unclear information about what new mothers should do, Rabobank decided to help. They do so by sponsoring our website. This way we get a chance to do some proper research and even interview some specialists in the field. In a farther away future we would also like to start posting videos with these interviews. In order to provide young mothers with even more information in a way that might be easier to digest. As people nowadays have less and less patience to read online texts, visual information like infographs and videos becomes more important. And it is imperative that we continue doing our jobs as there are still a lot of mothers depending on us. Luckily, Rabobank understands this and provides us with the funds and the tools to make it happen. It even allows us to look beyond the ways we have provided information before and the bank is also actively helping us in coming up with new ways to be helpful. So stay tuned if you want to be on top of the latest developments.

What the future holds

For the moment, Rabobank is only sponsoring us. But there is a much bigger collaboration on the horizon. If all goes well, in the future we might start a product line for new mothers in collaboration with the bank. Sit tight though, because this is a very long term plan. But it is still very exciting. We are in talks about several things. Some of them are special loans with special conditions for young parents, special savings accounts for parents who want to set money aside for their newborns, special insurances, additions to home loans to get the baby room ready and much more. The most innovative service we want to start offering involves the parents’ pension. As long as this is taken care of by Rabobank, the parents can soon choose to pay an x amount of insurance of their pension. What happens with that is that if the parents die before reaching the retirement age, their children will still be able to withdraw a certain percentage of the pension that was never released. Of course we hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone, but in case it does, it’s nice to have a safety net.