Pronto casino is one of our main sponsors

Pronto casino is an online casino that offers casino games like roulette, blackjack, video slots and many other sorts of games to online casino players.

They are active with their products in many different markets and they are on top of their game with offering the best and most popular casino games in the business.

pronto casino spelen

Why would you play at Pronto casino?

Pronto casino offers the best online casino games in the business. They work together with the most renowned game providers like for example NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil. Also, their bonuses are unmatched! Pronto casino offers the most lucrative bonuses for their players.

New players received not one but up to 3 deposit bonuses. Every one of these bonuses has free spins attached to them as well. So new players get extra cash through the deposit and also free spins for one of their favourite games like Starburst or Gonzo’s quest.

If you sign up with Pronto casino you will receive a exclusive welcome bonus worth more than 300 euros. Why not try it? Just come to Pronto casino and as we in Dutch say: Kom spelen bij pronto casino!

Pronto casino working together with Fotelica

Pronto casino believes doing something back for society and does this by sponsoring various different causes. When Pronto casino came in contact with the owner of Fotelica they instantly hit it off.

After they sat together for a dinner talking about their various business and the aspects of it Pronto casino offered to help out with offering a sponsorship to Fotelica. They will offer a cash injection into the blog so Karen can do some SEO work and increase her visibility online. This is important so she can reach as many people as possible to help out with parenting tips and/or skills.

Also social media is a big thing with being seen and found online. With the money Pronto casino gave from revenues they generated from casino games and video slots they helped out Fotelica to get a social media manager to help out with creating accounts and increasing the visibility online.

What the future holds for Pronto casino and Fotelica

Pronto casino and Fotelica are going to continue working together for the future. Pronto casino is considering putting even more money up to the website so they can expand their social media strategy even more. The revenue of Pronto went up in their online casino. Popular casino games like Starburst and Piggy Riches have really contributed to a big uptake in revenue in the last quarter.

As social media channels keep on growing and growing in popularity it is important for Fotelica to invest in these channels. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are very popular with the intended focus targeting group which they want to reach.

This is why all the money that Fotelica will get extra from Pronto casino will go into creating and maintaining these social media channels so they will reach more and more people and increase the popularity of the channel.