Lose weight after pregnancy with these 5 exercises

Any blogs about pregnancy with helpful tips should be shared with others.  I enjoy laughing and I hope others have support for a good sense of love with humor.  I make my husband read some stuff about pregnancy and I often get a meal out or the start of talks for vacation planning.  Men are fun.

Finding the right exercises after my pregnancy was a priority at some point and my plans to improve my fitness helped me get to the point of planning out a good exercise routine.  I knew it had to work for me with a busy schedule and many priorities for other work.  What turned out to be a few notes at first eventually transitioned to a good list of reasons to enjoy exercising.  This summary was helpful as I jotted more notes between caring for my first child and feeding my second child. 

The simplest form of exercise was needed along with a gentle way of caring for myself.  I learned quickly that about 15 minutes each day was just what I needed for exercising.  Being pleased with my ability to care for myself was important after the pregnancy and I felt good about easing into my new routines for exercising.  At first I wasn’t convinced that walking was exercise but a few relaxing trips taught me to embrace a better way of thinking.  The walking helped me relax and feel refreshed with each new journey outdoors.  My notes about exercising became lengthier and I started planning out my excitement with ‘nature walks’. 

I felt better about exercising and my levels of exertion.  The walks didn’t take much effort but seemed to help me tremendously.  Others were supportive of my little journeys and knew I felt good about getting out for nature walks.  Everyone laughed when I told them I might have been sprinting the whole way and I really enjoyed telling them the stories.  My tried convincing my husband that I ran uphill both ways so I deserved a nap.  This strategy worked until he got hungry and I had to go cook again.

Walking turned out to be one of the gentlest types of exercising with a little hike here and there.  My enjoyment went even higher when we found some used sporting equipment for sale.  The next step I agreed must be bodybuilding or powerlifting with ankle weights.  Bodybuilding seemed to work with my new muscles and grunting.  Thankfully, exercising got easier and my enjoyment of music with some light weight equipment turned out nicely for my muscle improvements. 

Next on my list were stomach crunches.  I decided to wait a short amount of time after my pregnancy and instead focused on a mixture of granola and nut crunches.  The fiber crunches were off limits with the gentle intermittent fasting.  Everyone laughed with me about my routines and they all knew I really enjoyed good fitness.  They were convinced I was doing well and I continue to be thankful that we have opportunities to share our amazing stories with others.

Fasting really did help me through this all and it felt comfortable to do this in a gentle way following my pregnancy.  Having a healthy and vibrant body seemed easier with each nature walk, light lifting, and a few stretches through it all.  My best way to care for myself went beyond the fasting to an occasional healthy craving for a salad with dessert or a diet cola with my four pieces of cheese cake.  Going back to fasting a few times got me through most of the weight loss into a healthy routine of more exercising.  With just a little bit of research I was able to find a yoga class that combined meditation with stretching.  I really liked the stretching opportunities that helped get my arms and legs moving better together.  I added yoga and light stretching to my lists of exercises that were life changing following my pregnancy.  The relaxation was helpful and I noticed a happiness with each new outfit.