Life changing benefits of Exercising Blog

My blogs for exercising are enjoyable to write as I realize how note taking helps.  This is important and it always seems nicer to read my personal notes about excellent health, feeling younger, and loving certain exercises.  Writing this blog has helped me review my notes and what’s enjoyable about exercising.   Its cute how my children encourage me to take notes when we find interesting stuff about health and fitness.  Working together with my children is fun and I love finding out more from other women how they get their families involved in nice ways, while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

From working with other friends that took exercising a few steps further than unloading groceries, I just knew that my abilities would at some point get me to a committed schedule of exercising.  My family initially laughed when I told them I was taking up exercising.  They almost cheered me on with jokes of stirring the food as my type of exercising routine.  Being their cook for so many years reminded me that they should be thankful always for my gifts and love.  I had to deal with little smarty pants with their funny cutey humor.  I somehow decided to convince them that I was strong about my focus on exercising and they soon stopped their silliness about kitchen exercising.  With all the laughter to the side, we agreed to support each other and they agreed they were hungry again.

My next step was exercise clothes.  I agreed with smart friends to call it my sports apparel, which would sure appeal to my figure.  Going from a figure of 12 to a figure worth having skimpier sports apparel would cost some money.  I never figured out why a size 8 swimming suit could cost so much.  Thankfully my expenses for size 12 sports apparel didn’t go through the roof with an expense.  With almost no complex about my new apparel hanging loosely from my figure, I decided the little more in material to make the clothes was thankfully not added to the price tag.  I wasn’t quite sure about this whole concept but I gave one of my other friends a few dollars to support her size 14.  She knew to follow my lead with smart exercising expertise along with enjoyment of the beauty with her own purchases of new sports apparel.

We eventually met with our other friend who already hit the exercise route and successfully slimmed down with a happier smile we all noticed.  The more petite little thing was forced to give us a few dollars and pay for our lunch.  The free lunch was even worth listening to her stories about body image and happiness.  I thoroughly enjoyed my food as I knew fasting was my next step beyond this beauty with friends.  Women are always good with other women, if you can just find ways to encourage each other.

I ate all of my meal and almost ordered myself another one to go when I realized my next step was to take up exercising and intermittent fasting.  Our friend’s advice made sense and her happiness was a good reason to focus on sports apparel.  She had a good point too about eating healthy with stronger protein meals between the intermittent fasting. 

Since getting into exercising and the benefits of having good reasons to buy cute outfits, I am now enjoying my newly improved happiness with exercising.  The benefits extended beyond me to others who enjoyed my advanced steps into brand new cool looking sneakers.  We called them fitness athletic shoes that matched my new cute outfits that I bought off of the clearance rack because they were marked ‘reduced’. They were smaller now, cheaper and loved for my new body appeal.  This exercising stuff was really saving me money. After enjoying months and now a year of exercising and happiness, I’ve realized how much easier it is to feel good when you can reach down and feel your feet.  Putting on my athletic shoes got easier and I rather quickly got happier with my plans for the life changing benefits of exercise.  As a professional woman, I could easily enjoy my new apparel and my new approach to good health and fitness.