Intermittent Fasting

A blog for fitness can be important and ways to feel good should be a priority.  I’m thankful my children have learned to be supportive of me and all that I do.  We also know how to enjoy laughter together which is nicer for my brilliant husband.

What I realized with plans for fasting is that some experts in the fields of nutrition and health actually call this a detox diet.  Some of us shy away from the word diet mainly because we like food and crave meals that we enjoy eating.  I found more research showing that intermittent fasting can be used to replenish the body.   I knew our entire family could participate and it could lead to even better health and fitness. 

Knowing it could help me function better was enough to convince me that the plan could work.  The enhancements include skin improvements, a nervous system that maintains full health, mental capabilities for enhanced functioning, and enhancements for feeling good.  Basically, better functioning could bring forward a happier feeling each day.  Removing unwanted feelings such as anger and irritation is easier with intermittent fasting and breathing techniques.  Toxins are removed quickly with the fasting which is a great plan for any time of the year.  It seems that intermittent fasting has improvements for a long period of time.

The body can naturally cleanse itself and the fasting is the best way to quickly regenerate and reenergize.  I was completely convinced with my new strategy when I learned from my friend that many athletes and trainers recommend a fasting schedule for maximizing the strength and health of the body.  Somehow I convinced my kids to approach the fasting since it was recommended to get the right support with this smart health approach.  My kids found it helpful to learn that the body is able to heal itself in a fast way and those who know this can use this method to provide the best for their body. 

The body’s natural defenses seem important for maintaining a healthy and vibrant body.  We all agreed to be happy about this fasting together once we understood that it would bring out the best of health.   We laughed that meal planning would be easier with our fasting schedule.

The removal of toxins will help with a natural cleansing and energize the muscular system.  My excitement was noticed as I shared these facts with others.  We all agreed that intermittent fasting over a period of time could improve our memory along with the benefits as an overall beauty aid for good health and fitness.  The body cleanses itself with a concentrated effort for the chest and stomach area to rid the body of anything that’s not needed, which makes sense why our skin looks younger and healthier.  

My friends and exercise group agreed that any relaxation techniques could be included with our plans for fasting.  Even improved posture and hair nourishment were on the list of health benefits with fasting so our group decided to go for it together for the first few times.  We also laughed that our best strategy together was to agree that the money saved for food could go towards a professional massage for each of us.  We scheduled those together and enjoyed the beauty of wine, health, fitness, and a relaxing massage with our intermittent fasting.  With the relaxation we agreed that any emotional distress or pressures from our daily tasks were completely cleansed with our good planning.  Feeling our best brought me to this blog where I could share some positive stories about better ways to focus on being healthy and having fun with others.