How to get things done with a baby

Most new mothers find it hard to work with the baby around. They are overwhelmed by the feeling that they that cannot do as much as they should since they are nursing. While there is no guarantee that you do things as fast as you used to before the blessing came along, there are ways you can get things done.

1. Limit your expectations

You probably think you must clean the kitchen do the laundry and scrub the floor before lunchtime. Well, you are in for a frustrating day, little Tommy may let you finish the first one and half the laundry but not the floor. So first, do not set to high expectations and you will be more satisfied with the achievement.

2. Do not always carry the baby

Simply put, carry the baby when you have to but as long as they are not crying and you got things to do, put them down. Babies become a menace when they get used to being carried and cuddled. They will sleep when held in the arms and let out a heart-breaking shrill as soon as they are placed on something else. So learn to put the little angel on the crib or baby bouncer as you do your work around the house.

3. Take them with you

You must not always work without the baby. Carry them using a backpack or a front carrier or place them in a baby bouncer where you can see them. They will be comfortable, and you will have the peace of mind you need to finish your tasks.

4. Nap time is golden

It is good advice to sleep when the baby sleeps because that is the time you will probably have to do so. However, when you have laundry waiting, a dirty kitchen and a meal to prepare, it is a golden chance to be productive. Remember, a new-born takes about 2 to 3 hours sleep, and you can achieve much by using this time creatively.

5. Seek help from others

You can have the older kids take care of the new-born while you finish your work. Just ensure the child is mature enough not to start putting things into the baby’s ears, eyes, or feeding them. Otherwise, ask friends, relatives, and neighbors if you have good ones, to watch them for you as you finish your work, got to the gym or shopping. Only remember to keep time.