Family trip to Amsterdam – fun things to do there

Our family was pleased to learn that trips to Amsterdam can be affordable and planned in a nice way.  We realized with this city that flexibility can be enjoyable.  The location is part of the beauty and its variety of choices for areas to visit is nice for us as a family.   Quite a few people know that Amsterdam is a location with coffee and café smoking as part of a simple way of enjoying each other.  We were thankful for the opportunity after learning that there are actually many ways to enjoy Amsterdam with a larger family. 

Traveling should be fun with others and this city offers a lot to do.  There were so many options for all of us to enjoy and this what just part of the beauty for doing a family vacation.  Each of us had a nice area we chose to see.  We saw the town better this way.  Our family was able enjoy gabled roofs, restaurants, and a few of the more than 1500 bridges with all the waterway canals throughout the city.  It was such beauty with all of the housing and markets for shoppers.

The tips for traveling to any place like Amsterdam would include how you work with others.   Traveling together is important and being flexible with each other helps make it nicer.  The number of tours is impressive here and the flexibility allows you to find one at any time. 

The choices include theatres, galleries, boutiques and world-reknown cafes.  You can find market areas with restaurants along some of the prettiest stretches of canal.    

Another tip is how its arranged with maybe a short list itinerary for the tours and sightseeing or a lengthier list with pre-arranged tour sessions.  The flexibility is more important with this city, and many others.  Knowing your options is nice and when you can see what you want then the whole family can be happy with the choices.  Taking turns selecting the sites can be fun while preparing for the trip.

When you mention that your’re traveling to Amsterdam to others you might notice that they often start smiling right away.  What we learned from our family trip to this wonderful location is that there really are some fun things to do there.  We enjoyed the simple awareness that this is the cultural and commercial capital of the Netherlands.  I laughed about their focus on tourism over the years.  What a fantastic place and I’m happy we had a chance to enjoy it now with its long history of private promotions and young adult hang-outs. 

With our trip through the town, I could easily tell that the city is promoting their vacation spots in new ways now.  We acknowledged the beauty of the cityscape and architecture.

There are so many reasons to enjoy a trip to such a beautiful location.  Walking the streets and enjoying the foods is incredible.  I realized how nice people can be when we enjoyed visiting with others and learning more about the little businesses.  Our family was able to see the beautiful scenery across Amsterdam with a little ride through the city and a stop at different parts to enjoy the waterways.  Historical museums were also on our list to enjoy as we ran around the wonderful city.

The evening canal cruises are nice ways to learn more about the historic city.  I was amazed that we could cruise the scenic waterway of Amsterdam in a warm and comfortable boat while enjoying drinks and snacks.  It really is a beautiful city and we were honored to learn more about the area with a comfortable cruise along Amsterdam’s Canal Belt.  My kids experienced these tourism opportunities in different but enjoyable ways.  They asked the ‘guy running the boat’ how he made such an incredible thing that goes through water canals.  My kids were proud to know more about boats and this was a highlight for their trip.  They also wanted to know the answers about Amsterdam’s reputation.  I was shy through the conversations but interested in the promotional strategies for this incredible city. 

Following the cruise, I enjoyed our itinerary for the next stops while my children were insisting that the boat guy should join us all day.  I certainly love kids and vacations definitely make you claim ownership of your children in different ways.  Our stops for food were amazing and some of the wonderful people we met showed my kids how to prepare their loved cuisine.  After our kitchen stops, we continued on to see other sites and meet other people.

Another group we met up with was also enjoying a vacation in Amsterdam.  We found it nice to hang out together, eat, and share some stories of our travels.  Our entertaining little family even explained the process of enjoying all of the business areas of the city with waterway canal rides.  The other group was also interested in finding out more about the amazing city from my kids.  My shyness didn’t stop me from laughing more throughout it all. We successfully proved that family vacations can be enjoyable to Amsterdam and we all agreed ours certainly was.  Our list of friends all over is incredible now and the kitchen cuisine recipes continue to flow to our social media account from our wonderful time with the residents of Amsterdam.  Our love for their people was enhanced with the other families involved and I’m thankful for the opportunity to see my kids little handcrafted cruise ship sitting in our backyard.  We’re convinced our bookshelves are full of good resources but a good reference guide would have been helpful for making ‘Hand-Crafted Cruise Ships, Canal Boats, and the Enjoyment of Floating Wood’.