A shout out to Casumo!

First of all, for those who haven’t read my first blog post, I used to work for an online casino called Casumo. They have given me the opportunity to gain experience in several areas of business. It is part of the reason why I chose to create this blog. I would like to a write a blogpost to give everybody an idea of what I used to do at my previous job and as a thank you towards the company.

I was a junior creative developer at Casumo. This entitled that my specialty was working with wordpress, CSS, HTML and PHP. I wrote a casumo casino review . and besides this I’ve also moved to Thailand to work in the Casumo office over there, which was an amazing experience! I’ve written many online slot reviews, in Thai you would say รีวิวเกมสล็อตออนไลน์. Yes I have also learned a bit of the Thai language (which I am really proud of!)

Beside Thai I also had to write Dutch articles, this was the real challenge. So there was a lot of google translate involved! However, the good thing is that I learned a different language so when I go on vacation to Amsterdam in the summer I can at least speak basic Dutch!!

So when I resigned from Casumo I started thinking about creating a blog about the one thing i’m even more passionate about, helping new mums. To become a mum for the first time can be both frightening and exciting. You will have no idea what to expect even if you prepare yourself as much as you can. If you are like me, you are eager for information, especially from parents who have been through everything before you. .

So I hope you like what I’ve created for you and a massive shoutout to Casumo Casino for enriching me with the best skills needed to make this blog even possible, thank you again!