Elmo Insurance sponsors Fotelica

Elmo Insurance is a Maltese insurance Company that has got you covered. You can find all kinds of insurances here, from personal insurance to commercial insurance. On a personal level you can find health insurances, car insurances and more and on a commercial level you can find insurances on a bigger scale. This company has been around since 1981 and is one of the biggest of its kind on the island of Malta. Many people in this small nation entrust Elmo with their safety preventions, as do many companies as well. So why shouldn’t you? Especially if you are new to Malta, it can be hard to find a company that understands your needs. By going to an Elmo office and asking for help, you will quickly realise that you are at the right place.

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Why get your insurance at Elmo?

First of all, this company is friendly to anyone. Malta is a small island with a lot of foreigners. Since these expats often don’t stay on the island for too long and sometimes don’t have a big sense of responsibility, a lot of things can happen. With this in mind, it makes sense that some companies are reluctant to offer insurance to young expats on the island. This can be tricky for people that have bought a car or a motor cycle. A lot of companies ask them for proof of insurance from abroad before giving them a chance. Which is hard for people who haven’t owned a car before. Elmo Insurance is different. As this company welcomes all drivers. Besides this, Elmo Insurance also offers competitive prices for their policies, so even young adults with a first job can afford them. And lastly, it is a market leader in Malta. This brings a lot of benefits among which, reliability, benefits of scale and much more.

Elmo Insurance working with Fotelica

The primary goal of this collaboration is to inform young mothers about their options. When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Trying to take care of your child in the best possible way is hard enough already without having to think about all of the administrative details. Also, you get so much information that it is impossible to know what’s true and what isn’t. Everybody around you will seem to know everything better, or at least they think so. But their opinions often differ from each other, which in the end leaves you even more confused. With this collaboration we try to put some order to the chaos. You can come here for all the information you need; it will be waiting for you in one spot. Fotelica can provide with details on how to treat your baby, what to do and what not to do in certain situations and Elmo Insurances will let you know exactly what you need to take care of in terms of paperwork. This is basically your one stop shop.

What the future holds

In the future we intend to create some insurance policies especially for newborn children and their parents. Nobody wants to think about the bad things that can happen, but it’s important to be insured against them. For example, a mother can get a postpartum depression without being able to work for months on end. It would be good to be insured against that so she would still get an income. Another example is that the crib breaks and the child needs to be rushed to the hospital with an injury. If you are insured against this, not only the medical bills will be covered but also the legal bills if you decide to sue. These are just two of the many examples we can provide you with. We just need to work out the details to be able to offer the best possible insurances for young mothers soon.