Disney Cruise, such a fun experience!

My blog about vacations is prepared to help others.  Traveling with all of your kids can be fun.  That would the important point and making sure everyone is prepared is a smart way to get there.  Good entertainment is helpful when going on vacation and all of my kids knew this.  Disneyland is where many of us wanted to go.  Instead we chose an ocean voyage that would always be important to us.

A Disney vacation had been on our list for a long time when we first heard about a new way of vacationing.  I realized how much fun we were going to have when I first glanced at the Disney Cruise itinerary.  Loaded with entertainment, the cruise would be out on the ocean allowing for the health benefits of salt water and good food delivered to your table.  The opportunity to enjoy the fun and relaxation was appealing to our family and our kids were old enough to think we were incredible for offering such an amazing vacation.  They were even happier that we weren’t going to make them pay for any of it, although my husband showed them the amount of their allowances that would be deducted for eight years.  He effectively used percentages and compound interest that would basically explain consumer debt to a cute little 9 year old. 

The kids decided to enjoy the vacation and just hope rates were favorable for their owed interest amounts.  What we found with the Disney Cruise is that it’s more than just Disney characters and kids laughing.  It was also tropical beaches along the Caribbean cruise with an ocean voyage and the enchantment of tropical destinations.  I just love marketing with promotional materials, and family discounts. 

While packing for our 4 night tropical getaway, I remembered the itinerary with exceptional relaxation for adults, imaginative fun for kids, and exciting activities and events designed to bring families together.  I had pretty much memorized the marketing phrases so I could keep everyone happy with a quick and witty comment about our upcoming fun.  This got us all through packing, compromises for suitcase space, and agreements to help get our stuff organized.  It was amazing along our trip that no one complained as I talked about the crystal-blue waters, lush landscapes, and a unique blend of culture and history. 

I personally enjoyed the warm balmy breezes provided with the tranquil retreat.  I was smart enough to send my husband up the lush landscapes to get me a drink as I enjoyed the lounge chairs and beach umbrellas along the scenic island setting.  Swimming and snorkeling were some of our favorites, along with entertainment from really happy Disney characters.  Our kids enjoyed the opportunity to see some of the beauty of the sparkling waters as we all got ready for our BBQ lunch.  It was such a fun experience and our kids even learned to demand an increase with their allowance so we could have more to spend.

My excitement about fitness and health was a part of the enjoyment when we got on the cruise ship to find a themed pool area, an additional kids pool, a family pool and a splash zone.  Thankfully, the kids spent most of the day enjoying this fun with a run of classic Disney movies in the cruises huge theater throughout the evening.  I frequently enjoyed the cruise’s verandahs that looked out onto the sea with the beauty of delivered food and drinks. 

We arrived back home after the cruise with tans and loads of sand in our suitcases.  All of us were happy to enjoy our vacation and I remembered how our travels brought out the best of our planning together.  Somehow the kids were convinced we could someday buy a cruise ship.  I put them to work on the laundry tasks as soon as I could, with a slight raise of their allowance.  This vacation was definitely worth it!