Delicious ways to prepare a smoothie bowl

As a working mom, I enjoy easy ways to prepare healthy breakfasts that taste good.  Our busy schedules make breakfast preparations the night before as a smart choice.  Overnight oats is a nice way to get that healthy meal before going to work.  We know better eating can improve your productivity throughout the day.  This is also good for children and might be a good snack for after school.

Making a smoothie that is thicker and eaten with a spoon is simple as you just add less liquid and more ‘yummies’ as my kids used to call them.   My fitness focus led me to trying some others such as the almond milk, coconut and the highly optional protein powder.  Recipes sometimes tell you to scrape the sides after blending.  My kids informed me in a strong way with their interpretations that it is acceptable is to lick the bowls, spoons, and clean them good. 

Pursuing a soft serve consistency seems to be the goal unless you add cereal, granola, or tons of nuts to the recipe equation.  We learned that you can also add toppings and call it a healthy meal if bran, fiber or granola are located anywhere in your kitchen.  Kids are very creative with a healthy pureness and excellent health is just expected with everything.

The dessert and breakfast recipes are nice at any time.  The Smoothie Bowls fitness training recipes can be used before, after, or even during exercising.  My kids get me into triathlon type food routines when they come up with fun games with our recipes.  We once had to make a creative smoothie bowl for ourselves and make one for another family member.  We would draw names on who got which pre-prepared smoothie, which was just part of the rules according to my kids.  After preparing the fun treats, we realized strongly that we would each be eating two large smoothie bowls.  The kids didn’t care.  They thought it was part of the fun and creativity.  Twice the bowls for cleanup is easy with no ‘adult junk’ as you just know you can lick the bowls clean.

Some favorite smoothie bowls include a few really healthy ones and some that made the list because of their success as a named dessert.  For example, the Acai Bowl is known as a California hot item for summertime fun and includes almond milk with acai powder that gives the bowl that purple color and is found online or at health food stores.  The Mango Smoothie Bowl is way up there in popularity and for my kids it makes them happier just saying ‘Mango’.  The Clean Green Smoothie Bowl is one I chose for the coolness and trendy way of playing with food.  We also learned that any types of greens could be used when you can add toppings. Delicious ways to prepare these treats include adding tropical fruit, leafy greens, or even avocados for a nutrient-packed delicious smoothie bowl.  We were happy to try the Vegan Berry Crunch Smoothie Bowl with berries, almonds, bananas, grains, chia seeds, almond milk, and agave.  Another delicious treat is the Coconut Banana Oats Bowl with Black Sesame Quinoa and Mango that includes baked quinoa cereal, mango, and coconut.  I’ve enjoyed my delicious treats with avocado and cashew cream for that thicker treat during big enjoyable sporting events.