Chocolate, and free spins during me-time

The first months with your newborn baby aren’t always easy. Beforehand, we think (and read) we’ll be on cloud nine with our little bundle of joy, but unfortunately for many women, this is an illusion. Your hormones are sky-high and, especially as a mom working at an online casino, you want to get back on your feet. Therefore, I love to share some of my crazy habits I used to calm myself down during the first months: it has something to do with free spins, online casino Betchan, and chocolate!

Does he still breathe? Did he eat well?

My son was about three weeks old when he didn’t want to sleep anymore, except in my arms. For hours I lied in bed waiting for him to wake up while I couldn’t move. When it was nighttime I couldn’t get myself to sleep anymore. I was just laying there worrying about everything: does he breathe? Did he eat well? What am I doing wrong? So many worries and as a fresh mom, I felt very insecure. I was lucky that my colleagues at online casino Betchan were very helpful and provided me with gadgets, games, updates, and a lot of fruit.

Playing free spins on video slots at 1 PM

At that time we had a special Betchan casino bonus. One night when I was up worrying about too many things, I thought to myself: why not give it a try myself? So there I was at 1 PM playing free spins on colorful slots like Geisha Wonders, Viva Las Vegas, and even Narcos. I loved the themed casino games the most! Although it might not seem like a tool to calm yourself, it distracted me from my own worries and I was totally into the game. Before I knew I caught myself yelling because I lost a casino slot or cheering for more free spins. After an hour of intense playing, I felt lighter: my head was empty, I felt calm and I slept like a baby!

The perks of working at an online casino

The perks of working at the online casino Betchan were that I knew most games and how to get free spins on video slots. So the next day I began a quest in finding the most colorful, themed, and distracting video slots I could find. That night I did the same: played for a couple of hours while using the bonus at Betchan and free spins and again I felt unburdened and sleepy after.

Chocolate paired with video slots

So, why does playing casino games made me sleepy? It’s not really about the casino slot and its flashing lights and tunes, but it’s a form of entertainment and relaxation. It’s like watching your favorite tv show: you’re cut off from everything for a while and focused on that. Playing at online casino Betchan gives me the same feeling. By feeling relax and entertained I fall asleep much easier. Playing free spins is well-deserved me-time. Above that, I always ate my favorite chocolate bar while playing, Chocolate releases endorphins, the hormones that make you happy. With a bunch of happy hormones and an hour of me-time, I could handle everything!

Casino slots are still my guilty pleasure

Of course, by now I don’t do this every night anymore. My body has gone back to normal en my son actually sleeps and so do I. However, playing casino games is still my guilty pleasure. Dreaming away in the wonderland of Arabian Nights or Gonzo’s Quest is my ultimate relaxation after a stressful day.

Give yourself a break!

What I want to say by writing this blog is that the craziest things can give you comfort after pregnancy. I’ve seen vegetarians eat steak or people who hated the internet playing video slots after they gave birth. It’s worth giving it a try, and above all: give yourself a break sometimes, whether this means playing free spins, going for a walk, or watching your favorite movie!