Best advice for new mothers

I have many things to tell mothers, but I have chosen to write specifically for new moms. The following five tips will make your transition to motherhood, less bumpy. You will need a schedule If you are the type that did things because you had the time, you will have to learn to create time. […]

Things They Don’t Tell You after Giving Birth

There are some things no one cares to mention to expecting mothers about post-delivery. Some of these you need to know, and others, for the sake of the present thrill of pregnancy, you are better in the dark. Anyway, here are four of them; You will remain fat for a while Your body retained fats […]

How to get things done with a baby

Most new mothers find it hard to work with the baby around. They are overwhelmed by the feeling that they that cannot do as much as they should since they are nursing. While there is no guarantee that you do things as fast as you used to before the blessing came along, there are ways […]

Why New-borns Won’t Sleep Through the Night

Are you troubled that your baby does not sleep at night? Your worry is possibly compounded by the fact that most of the online articles you have read seem to all point out that babies should sleep more at night. Here are reasons you can trust on why babies do not sleep at night. Moreover, […]