Chocolate, and free spins during me-time

The first months with your newborn baby aren’t always easy. Beforehand, we think (and read) we’ll be on cloud nine with our little bundle of joy, but unfortunately for many women, this is an illusion. Your hormones are sky-high and, especially as a mom working at an online casino, you want to get back on […]

Disney Cruise, such a fun experience!

My blog about vacations is prepared to help others.  Traveling with all of your kids can be fun.  That would the important point and making sure everyone is prepared is a smart way to get there.  Good entertainment is helpful when going on vacation and all of my kids knew this.  Disneyland is where many […]

Best Family restaurant in my home town!

Having a restaurant that understands the importance of a family environment is helpful.  Thankfully, our town is good at that.  My blog here is to encourage others to plan for family restaurant outings.   With good planning this can be more economical and fun for the whole family. We appreciate having a restaurant that has family […]

The Truth about Perinatal Depression – My Story

I’m a strong woman and you have to be with three children.  As a Latina I’m also strong about a correctness with health.  This blog is to help others also and I enjoy the ways some of my readers have improved how strict they are when choosing health professionals.  The doctors for my pregnancies changed and […]

Life changing benefits of Exercising Blog

My blogs for exercising are enjoyable to write as I realize how note taking helps.  This is important and it always seems nicer to read my personal notes about excellent health, feeling younger, and loving certain exercises.  Writing this blog has helped me review my notes and what’s enjoyable about exercising.   Its cute how my […]

Delicious ways to prepare a smoothie bowl

As a working mom, I enjoy easy ways to prepare healthy breakfasts that taste good.  Our busy schedules make breakfast preparations the night before as a smart choice.  Overnight oats is a nice way to get that healthy meal before going to work.  We know better eating can improve your productivity throughout the day.  This […]