Best advice for new mothers

I have many things to tell mothers, but I have chosen to write specifically for new moms. The following five tips will make your transition to motherhood, less bumpy.

You will need a schedule

If you are the type that did things because you had the time, you will have to learn to create time. The baby doll is a time grabber who will take as much time as she can out of your hand. So if you seek a smooth day, plan it. Your schedule should contain tasks such as eating, napping, cleaning and taking a walk. Just ensure you do not put high expectation on how much you plan to achieve.

Personal Hygiene matters

Well, everyone knows you are nursing, but that is not an excuse for looking like an unkempt 90-year-old in a dirty dress and hanging breasts. First, take time groom yourself, be clean and smell fresh. The pungent smell of breast milk and sweat is not good for anybody. Talking of odors, remember to change clothes.

Watch out for your feelings

It is understandable that pregnancy and birth can take your hormones on a wild rollercoaster. However, you can keep your emotions in check. While you are powerless over how you feel, you can keep your tongue from hurting the others around you, especially, your husband.

Talking of husbands,

Sex can wait but not forever

It is normal to find yourself always not in the mood. You might also be nervous about the entire ordeal. This should not be an issue if you are a single mom. Otherwise, you need to let your husband understand and find alternative ways of handling the situation. Do not assume his needs or brush them.

Depending on the mode delivery, the time you need to be ready for intercourse can be a few weeks or even months. Again, when the time comes, learn to take one-step at a time.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

It is a nugget of wisdom passed down from the wise women of old. Your body needs rest, and you will not find this when the baby is awake. Therefore, train yourself to nap when the baby naps. You will then have the energy to stay awake with the baby at night.

In a Nutshell

Many things new moms need to know but some you will learn best from experience. However, remember that your physical, mental and spiritual health affects your baby, family and those around you. So take care of these faculties.