About Me

Hello, my name is Veronica Sanchez.  I am a working mom from Las Vegas. 

My love for my children is incredible and I’m happy to enjoy simple messages with other busy moms. 

My blogs are meant to make things easier for women and its nice to see that others can appreciate some tips and ideas. Entertainment is big for us with children and I’m thankful to get tips from others also.  I am a mother of three children named Tiffany, Johnny, and Steve.  You can expect some enjoyable ideas for motherhood with the family as our focus.

I write about fitness and I love good health.  These topics are important and I think it is smart that we can work together.  Good health, the enjoyment of exercise, and smart moves with motherhood are some of the best for me.
My husband and I met each other traveling and we enjoy this type of entertainment.  It also helps us with everything we do for our children.  As a sports fan and athlete, my husband is a big-time leader in the industry of sports entertainment.  He’s also really fun and smart.  He’s a number guy so I have to be smart about it.  A good sense of humor is helpful and our family enjoys each other.

I am a working mom mostly because I have to be with three children.  We laugh because I enjoy motherhood so much but now I’m working more.  I think women should fix this and let me know about other ways to make money while working from home.  That would be fun and better for me it seems.  The purpose of the blog is to share helpful ideas with other women.  I want to create a community for sharing helpful information while supporting other women. Another hobby I have which relaxes me in these stressful times is wagering on online slots. The best place to do it is at Pronto casino. You can play whenever you like but best is to check out their review before doing so.

My travel blogs bring forward a way to enjoy your trips with the right amount of money.  Enjoying your time in a place is a fine art and smart for us to know, especially with any trips with our family.  We work a lot sometimes and making sure we spend our money in wise ways is also part of this blog.

Traveling could be considered entertainment and perhaps all of us can enjoy a trip more often.  Having your family with you can be the best and Amsterdam was part of our family’s best vacation.

Health and Fitness are those types of topics that work for us passionate moms, and those of us appreciating fun with entertainment. 

The best thing about a blog can be what it is and what it offers.  Types of exercises that help us should be promoted.  Others have been thankful to get some tips on fitness and exercise with a smile for the beauty of women.
The best blog for you is probably one I enjoyed writing.  Those of us focused on motherhood have to be good at expressing ourselves, which might be a good holistic look at politeness, missions or objectives, and any sense of achievements we know we must accomplish with other women.  Women are good at this.

Our three kids have kept my husband and me busy for a long time now and we laugh about our creativity with solutions for how we have successfully gotten through this amazing process.  I personally must be the boss of our family, mainly because it is fun and my kids have learned that they get fed if they understand this basic plan for us.  Our enjoyment of each other is important and I’ve made sure everyone understands that we read a lot, study stuff we love, and get better at everything we do.

Getting stronger in my career job and looking leaner in my business suits have been my priorities, besides my care of my three children.  Working in the entertainment industry with hotels and casinos is incredible.  I’ve gotten through it all with respect for the dealers and casino staff. 
As a working mom and a busy professional, I have really enjoyed my opportunities to get involved with important efforts for others.  Helping with the preparations of important marketing and sales materials is a strong part of my work experience.  Preparing promotional materials is one of my better gifts after enjoying family vacations and other trips around the world.  My focus on being good with others is even better and I frequently talk about the benefits of multi-cultural diversity with love for all others and their countries.

My exercise blog can possibly help a lot of women through pregnancy, fitness training, and working with others while we maintain our best of health and wellness.  Fitness is also my focus and I enjoy continuing my exercising plans that are constantly adjusted with my busy work schedule.
Thank you for enjoying the information I’ve provided here.  Just know that you must be doing well and please remember that you have to be amazing.  Get your thank yous and compliments from others and enjoy your best ways to relax.

I’m hoping you enjoy my blogs.