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Hello, my name is Karen Moore, I am a certified educator on pregnancy and babies. I have helped and handled several pregnancies and baby-related cases in my years of practice averaging to at least one case per day.

Before doing all this I worked at an online casino company. I wrote blogs for casino related articles, like bonuses. and I also wrote a lot of slot reviews about popular slot machines such as Starburst and Book of Dead. My experience at this company made me love writing so much more and is part of my inspiration of deciding to do what i love most! Aside from this they sponsored my new website and for this reason I will add a subpage to honor my previous job as a way to thank them for everything they provided for me.

Facts on Pregnancy and Babies

Motherhood is the dream of all young women. Holding a newborn baby is one of the best experiences nature accords women. The accomplishment in bringing a new life into the world is a sufficient reward for the trouble.

However, the journey is not always smooth and is barely fun. While the society has respect for expectant mothers, and they should, it by no means shields you from the bumpy ride pregnancy causes. Here are some facts that make the information on this site invaluable

Complications related to pregnancy and child delivery is the main cause of disability and death among women in developing countries.
At least 800 women die daily worldwide from conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum. That is, a woman dies every two minutes from these complications.
It is more dangerous to give birth in the United States than in 49 other countries including Kuwait and South Korea
24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States annually.
Nearly 9 million children the age of 5 die annually from preventable conditions.
Malnutrition causes over one-third of total child deaths.

My experience

Experience teaches a lot of things you can never learn from all the scholastic articles, lectures and even blog posts. In my career life, I have seen mothers experience nearly the same problems during pregnancy and after childbirth. The issue, however, is that almost always, they make the same mistakes. This is especially true among first-time moms.

The mistakes made by these mothers have resulted into painful consequences such as deterioration of the mother or the baby’s health, marital problems and in extreme cases, the death of the child, mother, or both.

My Goal

While numerous blogs have content on these issues, Fotelica.com is one of a kind. It brings together the wisdom of the ages and experience on these critical motherhood issues. Fotelica.com is to be first and the only stop for mothers who need thoughtfully tested and tried information presented simply and clearly

Why you can trust what you read here

While most blogs are written for different purposes, Fotelica.com is purely an educational blog. Simply put, all the facts and ideas posted on this blog are evidence-based. This blog post does not offer quick fixes but long-lasting solutions that are beneficial to anyone who puts them into practice. When I am not out writing blogs I tend to go online and sometimes play a wager on a slot machine. My favourite online casino is Pronto. Whilst playing is free you can also opt to play with real money.

Do you want to be a wise mother? Put what you read into practice, for wisdom is knowledge and discernment at work. Wondering where to start? Why not try with, “The Things They Do Not Tell You After Giving Birth”?


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